Pyramids in Vastu

Pyramids in Vastu

Pyramids are made of four equal sides, each of which is exactly half the length of another side. The points at each corner are each one-eighth (1/8) of a circle. The height and base angles of this shape are important in determining how it will affect us. The pyramid has been present in various cultures for thousands of years and was first used as a tomb for ancient Egyptians. In fact, it was believed that pyramids could lead to eternal life by having their bodies buried inside them when they died.

Pyramids are also called ‘Kesaria’ or ‘Kesariya’ in Vastu Shastra. The ancient Indian science of Architectural designs, Vastu Shastra believes that the shape of the pyramid has a powerful effect on our lives. It says that pyramids can be used to improve the quality of your life by bringing you luck and prosperity in all aspects of life. This structure has a positive effect on our body’s energy systems and also helps us to focus positively. 

   Pyramids are a great way to improve your energy, as they help you feel more energetic and relaxed. This can be achieved by placing them in various places where you spend most of your time: at home, work or school (if you belong to this category). They will also help you meditate better and make sure that all thoughts are positive ones!

  You can use the energy that the pyramids emanate to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you and that nothing stands in your way when trying to achieve something important in life. Pyramids are believed to have a positive impact on health, wealth and overall personal and social well-being of individuals who possess them.


When you place a pyramid at home, the energy from its interior is automatically activated by its very shape.

Pyramids are made up of cubic shapes and they have a very strong geometric structure that resonates with all seven chakras, which are located in our bodies. The very shape of the pyramid activates energy.

You can use a pyramid at your home to purify your home as well as your aura.

If you place a pyramid at the entrance of your house, it will bring peace, harmony, wealth and prosperity to your home.

To ensure that your office or workspace is safe and prosperous, place a pyramid at the entrance.

It has been proved scientifically that pyramids in vastu shastra have the ability to increase plant growth and make bread stay fresh longer.

It is said that an inverted pyramid at the entrance of your house will bring bad luck to you and make you sick. But if it is placed correctly then it can give good results too! In fact, most people prefer keeping this type of shape because it looks so beautiful when seen from outside

The pyramid is a perfect shape for attracting water, which is essential for life. This increases humidity around plants and helps them thrive better.

The pyramid shape has also been known to help people overcome addiction and drug cravings since ancient times

You should also place a pyramid at the centre or head of your bed and kitchen as these are considered very auspicious points in Vastu Shastra.

Place it at the end of a staircase, especially if you live in an apartment building or condominium unit with multiple levels (the pyramid is said to be best placed on top).

If there are any rooms with no windows or doors, place one here as well; this will help with lighting issues related to lack of wealth and joy in life.

Thus, making or placing pyramids in your home can make it much more beneficial. Pyramids are good for health and wealth, happiness, relationships and spirituality as well. They also help in business matters too!