Crystals in Vastu


Crystals are 3D structured transparent elemental stones that exude positive energy.

They help to remove negative energy in the surroundings and enhance personal space.

Crystals help you harmonise everyday life with the cosmic forces.

They also bring balance in the determinant Vastu elements and attract positive energy.

They garner mystic support and are renowned for their spiritual & healing properties.

They have lovely appearances & enhance the surroundings with their natural charm.

To gain the most advantage from the crystals, one should position them correctly.

AMETHYST - To Battle Stress & Emotional Upheavals

You can decrease anxiety and tackle stress by placing amethyst in the west corner of your residence. Amethyst can help you effectively handle your packed lifestyle and chronic stress issues. This crystal or stone can be put on any shelf or desk with ease. 

AQUAMARINE - To Promote Peace & Tranquillity.

Is your residence plagued by constant fights, chaos and unrest? If such is the case, owning aquamarine crystal will be quite advantageous to you. Using this bluestone, you may get rid of bad thoughts and create a calm environment at home. This stone encourages tranquillity, peace and calm.

MOONSTONE - To Enhance Fertility

This crystal can be placed in the home of a couple who are actively trying to have a child. The moonstone is regarded as an aphrodisiacal and love-enhancing magic stone. This stone promotes conception and fertility. As it helps to regulate women's hormones and the female cycle, this stone is also known as the "ladies' healing stone."

QUARTZ PYRAMID - To Attract Promotions, Appraisals, etc.

Do you feel like you need to advance in life but that there is little chance of getting a raise or promotion at your current job? Then placing this quartz pyramid made of crystal in the south corner of your house may facilitate a raise and promotion for you. Additionally, this stone will aid in your rise to notoriety, acceptance, and repute.

CITRINE - To Multiply Wealth and Prosperity

The crystal of citrine is ideal for enhancing your riches and prosperity. Place this magnificent gem in the southeast corner of your home for the greatest advantages. To attract extra riches, you can also place this crystal on top of your cash box. However, if you want, you can keep it in your pocket, where you won't ever feel like your pocket is empty. Citrine crystal can help you make judgments with clarity if you place it on the desk where you work or make crucial decisions. Additionally, it will improve receptivity, communication, and organisational skills.

CLEAR QUARTZ - For Better Decision-Making & Leadership

Pure, clear quartz will help you acquire good sight and stimulate you to make a proper judgement, putting away all ambiguities. If you want to focus more on a certain thing to make a great decision, then use it. Additionally, this gem enhances your academic and professional pursuits. It will help you get the most out of your hard work if you place it near the window or on the desk where you study or work. If you don't have a desk, tables, or a suitable area by the window, this crystal can be placed on the bedsides.

MALACHITE - For Wearer’s Safety

Malachite, a green banded stone, increases your fortitude and inner strength. Malachite is thought to absorb all types of unwanted, negative energy and contaminants from both the environment and your body. And take steps to safeguard oneself from any danger or catastrophe. Its regularity promotes patience, physical endurance, and inner tranquillity.

GOLDEN TIGER EYE - To enhance family relationships.

The Gold Tiger Eye has been utilised for ages in Vastu Shastra to enhance family well-being and to create a strong and protective layer among family members. With the help of this stone, you can strengthen the bonds of your weaker family members and bring them joy. Place this magical crystal in the east corner of your house for the best results.

CORAL - To Combat Anxiety

This is a very typical stone that can be obtained immediately from any local shoreline. However, this stone is also very significant in terms of Vastu Shastra. You can live a more peaceful life and experience less tension by placing this stone in your home.

MOONSTONE - For Travellers’ Safety

Moonstone is also known as traveller’s stone and is said to be effective in bringing safety and luck to travellers. Similar to the moon that follows travellers to assist them see the road ahead, it provides safety at night and bolsters the sensation of hope.

ROSE QUARTZ - To Enhance Interpersonal Relationships.

To form wholesome interpersonal connections with people around you, place a rose quartz crystal in the southwest corner of your home. This stone can help in developing a solid foundation of unwavering love, especially among couples. It can also be used for romantic proposals. This stone can also be worn as a pendant or in bracelets. It is strongly advised to install the heart-shaped rose quartz crystals in bedrooms in order to keep a happy marriage for the rest of your life.

RED JASPER - For Productivity and Creativity.

Red jasper encourages creativity, fosters the growth of original thoughts, and enhances creative abilities. You can use this stone to bring your imaginative creations to life at home with the utmost focus and fervour. With the help of this magic stone, the results of your creativity can be improved. To reap the greatest advantages, it is advised to select an opaque red jasper with a rich terracotta colour.

CARNELIAN - To Enhance Memory Power

Crystals made of carnelian are used to increase learning. To boost children's abilities, place nine crystals in a bowl in the north-east corner of your house. You can also improve children's memory power by placing a bowl in the north-east corner or on one side of the study area while they are studying.