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We promote a lifestyle that is in harmony with the cycles of the cosmos for a better living.


We unravel the real perspective of Vastu & eliminate the myths surrounding Vastu Shastra.


We have a smooth and customizable workflow at the end of which we certify the Vastu Auspiciousnes.

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Is Vastu Shastra truly a science? Or is it just a set of beliefs etched into the minds of people, a pseudoscience whereby so-called consultants reap money? This question has plagued many, across generations from the past. The authenticity of Vastu Shastra is more frequently questioned by the young minds of today, who argue that in light of ‘rationality’ it doesn’t make sense.


How physicians and specialised doctors provide cures for your physical & mental illnesses, Vastu Doctors are the healers for all your Vastu-related problems. We at Vastu Doctors provide tailored and exclusive solutions to all the Vastu flows that adversely affect your life. We are certified Vastu engineers who guarantee 100% efficiency and good results in the end once you get in touch with us.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of Vastu services that aim at providing a healthier, safer, prosperous and joyous life to all. Our Vastu Auspicious Certificate is an assurance of the acientific logic and quality of our services.

We Cure Vastu Problems

Vastu Doctors help you to find the best suiting and long-lasting solutions for all your Vastu problems. Here are the techniques we resort to, to help you live a better, happier and safer lifestyle.


Venkatesh knowledge of Vastu and his practical suggestions for even the most challenged spaces are excellent. The products given have really worked!! Most Important, I get a peaceful sleep which I was missing from years. The Yantras are also excellent and have a level of quality and attention detail that I have not experienced before. I highly recommend Kalpavriksha to anyone interested in bringing holistic design to their space and to enjoy a more conscious lifestyle.

Shams P.

You made us understand that AstroVastu has a constant impact on body, mind, and consciousness, thereby affecting health, happiness, success, and failure. The solution you gave us based on our horoscope has enhanced our prosperity in life. We really appreciate your work and may your work flourish and help everyone.

Dev S.

I tried Vastu Doctors a few months ago and I am impressed with the predictions I received. The manner in which they explained the reason behind every circumstance is magnificently magical. My special thanks to the Astrologers of Vastu Doctors who directed me toward a better lifestyle.

Dipak Y.

I have had a somewhat difficult year and have participated in many healing modalities that have all been very helpful, but my reading with Vastu Doctors has by far been the most restorative. Their understanding of the stars, plus their keen intuition is like therapy.

Pallavi S.